Wednesday, August 25, 2010

God Speaking...Behind the Scenes

my view from behind the scenes on Sundays

Don’t you love it when God uses your own words to speak back to you?
Ever had this happen?
Yesterday, I said to someone at work, “I am just a behind-the-scenes person…”
And for some reason that I would discover later, it stuck in my head.
I did follow up my comment with, “…and I’m ok with that.”
Because I am…
I love being the one that makes stuff work so that services go on seamlessly.
My motto is “if I’m invisible, I have done my job.”
I like making the ones on stage look good.

But there’s this dream I have.
I keep wondering if it’s mine or God’s.
One day, I would like to be the one presenting the Message.
Not all the time…
And maybe God is changing the direction, not the destination.

Last night during our Anniversary Revival service, my dear friend, Sarah comes to me
in the media booth,
In the back…behind the scenes…
And gives me this word…
God says He sees your work “behind-the-scenes.”
You want to be on the frontline of battle.
He says this is your frontline.
This is where you do battle.
And just reading my favorite blogs and social media this morning I get these quotes:

“Just because God takes you on a detour doesn’t mean He’s changed His mind about your destination.”
Pastor Steven Furtick

“You don’t have to be
Famous to be a hero.
You don’t have to be known, heard of, or liked.
You Don’t have to be a phenomenal speaker, author, blogger, or musician to be counted among God’s elite.
You just have to be.
Be You.
Be who He made you to be. “
Michelle Wegner

Spending today being thankful for the place I am
The work I do
Being behind the scenes.


  1. If it wasn't for those "behind-the-scenes" people, the ones who are noticed by everyone wouldn't look as good. I love my "behind-the-scenes" people who help our Children's Church services go well. In fact, I always enjoyed being one who worked going unnoticed before God changed my direction.

    This is just a reminder that God has a purpose for everyone and if each of us did not heed our individual callings, the Kingdom's work would be even more difficult to accomplish.

    Love you bunches!! :)

  2. love you, too! :) you, my friend, are one of those awesome people that can function as both with all your talents and now add mommy to the list! in case I haven't told you lately, you are an amazing woman!!!