Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Via Dolorosa Weekend 2010

I can't decide whether there are no words or not enough to describe this experience. I witnessed over 20 students boldly live out their testimony for their peers, their church, their community, and through the power of the internet, eventually the world to see. They put themselves out there so courageously, it was incredible. I watched as they became vulnerable and bold, others around them followed. I saw a church full of adults rise up and be bold as well. Proclaiming, "I will overcome." It is amazing how God used carboard and markers to spark a revival. And a group of students that were willing to be opened up and poured out. I will let some of these photos do the talking...

And these are just a few...what is still amazing me is the aftershocks. We had students and church members having church on facebook. We had a Muslim student see us and he took photos and video because he had never seen anything like that before. His sister may just be in our service Sunday. Lord, my prayer is that the overflow continue. The best is yet to come!!!

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