Friday, January 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: "Our song"

I made an executive decision today. I have hearby dubbed Fridays here on the blog as Flashback Friday. Each week we will look back at the good old days with great affection and nostalgia. And possibly other emotions.

To begin this great tradition I have dedicated this week's post to my husband. (Feel free to hear this in your head with Casey Kasem narrating--another flashback, kids!) 
Back in the days when we were dating Aaron & I had many songs that we liked collectively and bring back memories. The one I have chosen to feature today pretty much sums us up as a couple. It's a catchy little tune sung by a band that I was privileged to see live when I was in college at Auburn. Fantastic show! Of course, now they don't exist anymore and the lead singer now sings country music. 
This song is one of "our songs" because of an inside joke to which I am pulling back the curtain. It's probably only funny to us but that's okay. that's why it's "our" song. ;) Since this band was one of my, if not, my favorite band in college naturally Aaron knew of them and their songs. One night while we were talking on the phone he told me that he had to sing in class that day but he had a cold so he sounded much different than usual. To which he said, "I sound like Hootie" and he sang the one and only line he knew from this song, which happens to be the title, "only wanna be with you." And he did kinda sound like Hootie. And the more I type and read Hootie the funnier it becomes to me. 
That is how it became one of our songs. Silly story, but one we carry with us. I think the reason I chose this one to start off the weekly flashbacks is for one line in the song that pretty much describes us. If you have heard Aaron sing imagine his voice, with a cold, his hair much darker and him singing these lyrics: "I won't dance, you won't sing. I just wanna love you but you wanna wear my ring."

It's true. I do. Forever. I love you, babe. Here's your long distance dedication.

Hootie & the Blowfish -- Only Wanna Be with You

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