Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend reflections

This weekend was our annual Easter Outreach. This was our 3rd year being blessed to particiapte. I got a new perspective on it this year, because I got to document the whole event in photographs & video. Of course, I LOVED doing that! But I got to see the event from many perspectives this time and I got to witness first-hand once again that each of us has own own personal gifts & callings. God has designed us in such a unique way. We could never be duplicated. That is so awesome--to think He cares that much for us, that He took such precise measures to make us uniquely different so that the Kingdom could flourish in all areas. Just think, if everyone were gifted exactly like you, what areas of the Kingdom would suffer loss? Well, in my case, there would be a serious lack of good singers or those who would visit the sick or people to work with young children. These are not my strong suits, but I am so thankful for people who rise to each of these tasks with grace and beauty. I am thankful for friends in my life and in our church like Stacey, Stephanie, Debbie, Teresa, Carol, and so many others who are amazingly talented and gifted, yet are completely humble. We each make the Kingdom strong...just by being who we were created to be.


  1. Such a wonderful insight! God loves each of us so much that he specifically instilled different traits and abilities in each of us to make us truly unique.

    Too often people look at others and "wish" they had their talents or abilities. However, instead of looking at others as competition or as being better, we should embrace our differences in an effort to reach everyone as God intended.

    I, for one, am truly thankful that we all have such varying personalities, thoughts, ideas, talents, etc. What a boring existence we would live if all of us were the same!

  2. Thanks, Amber!

    Wouldn't it be great if we all tried to COMPLETE each other rather than COMPETE with each other?