Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you, Church at Brook Hills

Not only did you minister to someone dear to me this Easter, I got to share in the blessing.

I was privileged to listen to the soundtrack to your Easter production, "Love Story--God's Epic Tale of Redemption." Wow...the story of Ruth brought to song. Having not seen the live production, I know I cannot grasp the full impact, but I was deeply moved by the 3rd track, "I Already Know." What amazing words...I just had to share them.

I'm closer than you can see
My love is greater than you know
feel the weight of My mercy
My arms are open

I already know Who's gonna save you
I already wrote the end of the story
You were made for Me and I'll never leave you
And in the end it's all for My glory

Your life is My melody
Part of a song that I am singing
In the dark it's hard to see
But there will be redemption
In the morning

Cling to Me and wait
As I cover you with My garments
Can't you see you are My clay
And I'm the Potter and you're carrying
My fingerprints

And in the end you will be happy
And in the end you will be with Me
And in the end it's all for My glory

Simply beautiful...thank you, Mandy Mapes and Church at Brook Hills for your ministry.

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